We have a quite frankly stupid amount of good music for you on our November playlist.

Scotland’s very own Daft Punk – Kvasir opens the playlist.  We have no idea who the artist behind the mask is, and it’s beginning to do our heads in.  Go on bud, give us a wee clue eh?  Fancy some shoegaze from Russia?  Aye, well we have that covered with a brilliant tune from Ethica.

I think I’ve found one of my favourite songs of 2017 in “Asking 4 a Friend” by Anna Burch.  What.  A.  Tune.

We’ve also got fantastic tracks from Palehound, Winter, Nervous Dater, Blush, L.A. WITCH, Lip Service, Swimming Bell.


Cover art © Al Donnelly thisisadp.wordpress.com