Scottish artist, Adam Stafford releases new single, Ruptured Telecine’ from forthcoming LP Trophic Asynchrony. 

The Falkirk-based composer, Adam Stafford returns with new single/video ‘Ruptured Telecine’, inspired by polarisation and conspiracy.

Written and recorded during lockdown, the predominantly instrumental record, Trophic Asynchrony features the new single/video, ‘Ruptured Telecine’ and is one of the few tracks on the new album to feature vocals.

The distorted and psychedelic track features lyrics about the divisive effect of social media on politics, where differences of opinion have hardened into barriers to dialogue, dividing families, breaking up friendships and even threatening democracy itself.

Stafford says: “The song is basically about the extreme polarisation of opinions and politics we see across social media and how it has spilled into our real-life relationships,” says Stafford. “It’s about the fixed reality tunnels people find themselves utterly trapped in and about the way in which some people will not climb down from an argument, opinion or ideology they know is ridiculous.”

“I gave it the name ‘Ruptured Telecine’, which basically means broken film,” he continues, “because the slightly detuned synths put me in mind of old educational films from the 1970s and 1980s.”

Preorder Trophic Asynchrony via Song, by Toad here.

Featured image © David P Scott.