Netsounds music recommendations from August 2020.

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Zoe Graham – Know By Now (A Modern Way)

Exceptional storytelling, powerful alt-pop and sophisti-pop ‘80s synths from the Scottish artist’s latest offering.  ‘Know By Now’ is the latest track to be taken from the Glasgow artist’s forthcoming EP Gradual Move, due 18th September 2020.

Know By Now” finds Graham grappling with the truth between herself and her lover, and trying to do right by both without repeating the mistakes of the past.


Carla J Easton – Weirdo (featuring Honeyblood) (Olive Grove Records)

Not one, but two of Scotland’s respected alternative artists join up for this huge slice of raucous infectious indie-pop goodness. It is instantly glorious and seeks out the repeat button.

Carla J Easton and Stina Tweeddale (Honeyblood) join forces for this, the title track of  Easton’s new LP, Weirdo.

The LP  Weirdo is available enow via Olive Grove Records.

A.R. Pinewood – No Life (Lost Map Records)

Some strange things have been happening during the coronavirus lockdown, not least the birth of a new artist.  The cyber country cowboy…. A.R. Pinewood.

The title track from the debut album by mysterious cowboy A.R. Pinewood is a glorious slice of lo-fi beats and low budget Daft Punk vocals that is bizarre, fun and wonderful.

The Son(s) –  Lord, I Am Grateful (Olive Grove Records)

Edinburgh based The Son (s) released a video for the latest track from the soon to be released third album.   ‘Lord, I Am Grateful’ builds and swells with a layered chorus of voices and faint guitars before erupting into a wash of guitar, bass and drums.

Tamzene – Don’t Say A Word

Following the release of the recent stripped back tracks ‘Unreachable’ and ‘Best of Me’, Tamzene‘s released her ‘Intro’ EP with the addition of two further piano based offerings, ‘Don’t Say a Word’ and ‘You’re with Somebody Now – Acoustic’.

Adam Stafford – Erotic Thistle (Song, By Toad)

Scottish multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker Adam Stafford released the stripped back track, ‘Erotic Thistle’ ahead of a new LP of long-lost tracks – Diamonds of a Horse Famine.

Siiga – Sleep Fast

Acclaimed Scottish artist Siiga returns with new music and a forthcoming album, Gemini Rising.  Siiga is the project of acclaimed singer-songwriter Richard Macintyre who lives and work on the beautiful Isle of Skye on the West Coast of Scotland.

Like previous singles, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Gemini Rising’, the cinematic ‘Sleep Fast’ is a celestial melody that conjures up images of the haunting landscapes and enchanting seas of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

wor_kspace – weekend

wor_kspace is the musical adventure of Glasgow-based musician and producer, Finlay Macdonald who’s previous creative, musical vehicles have been Lenzie Moss and Music and Movement.  Debut single, ‘weekend’ is a pulsating lo-fi indietronica track with a hypnotic feel and new wave synthtones.

EX OH – Love and War (Team Love)

Mysterious new artist on the New York state based indie label, Team Love Records.  All we know is that EX OH is a songwriter from Hudson Valley, NY State and the Team Love site says a new album is forthcoming.  The artist’s Instagram gives no further clues other than an impressive record collection ranging from Iggy Pop to Talk Talk and Jerry Lee Lewis to Roxy Music.

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