Hit The Road is seeking applications from young artists age 14-19 to tour Scotland in 2022/2023

The national youth music touring project is offering young artists the opportunity to learn more about the live music industry before embarking on a professionally managed tour across Scotland.

Ahead of each tour, musicians attend expert masterclasses, sessions and workshops covering everything from production to performance, royalties and marketing. Hit The Road equips young musicians with the knowledge, contacts and tools necessary to work and crucially, tour within the modern live sector.

Initiated and run by Scottish Music Centre and funded by Creative Scotland’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) and PRS Foundation, Hit The Road provides early-stage musicians age 14-19 the opportunity to learn about the live industry before embarking on a professionally managed tour.

The initiative has acted as an early stepping-stone in the careers of Scotland’s emerging musicians and songwriters including Lewis Capaldi, Be Charlotte, klo, Parliamo, RILEY, Deni Smith, Zoë Bestel, Velvet, Keir Gibson and Angry Man Car Park

Gill Maxwell, Executive Director, Scottish Music Centre, said:

“Hit The Road is open and searching for new young talent to tour Scotland at the end of 2022 and into 2023. We want to hear from emerging artists, the length and breadth of Scotland, working in any music genre, either as a solo artist or with a band. All our venues have 14+ licences so that new young audiences can see and support their local bands. Each year we are amazed by the high quality of young Scottish artists, and we very much look forward to hearing from and seeing the next generation”

Apply for Hit The Road 2022/23: hittheroad.org.uk


All photos © Al Donnelly