Glasgow four-piece alt-rock band, Ginger make their debut with ‘Gardens’.

There’s a cosmic indie-rock goodness to the debut single from, Ginger.  ‘Gardens’ is a strong and infectious first release with a hint of psychedelic tones and punk rock for good measure.
Ginger is made up of Robbie Orr on guitar and vocals, Alex Hesse on lead guitar and vocals, Garry Kyle on bass and vocals, and Claire Murphy on drums and vocals.  The band came together after meeting around the open mic circuit in Glasgow.

The video for ‘Gardens’ was filmed from the living room window of Robbie’s flat in the city centre of Glasgow during self-isolation.

“We’d initially planned on pursuing a totally different video concept out on location around Glasgow before the pandemic began to spread in the UK. I began to show symptoms and followed government guidelines to self-isolate, which put any plans of a location shoot out the window.”

“Lockdown was implemented but we still needed a video, so I decided to ask Alex, Claire and Garry (who are all flatmates) to walk round on their daily allowed exercise and play their instruments in my front garden while I filmed from the window. I interspersed some film of my garden, plants, and the neighbour’s cat, added vintage-style film reel effects, and we had a video.”

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