Pip Blom as a live trio, showcase their infectious synth-pop melodies at Òran Mór, Glasgow.

Pip Blom/Getdown Services @ Òran Mór, Glasgow
12th February 2024
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During a few days in Glasgow for the “day job” I was fortunate enough catch the Dutch powerhouse, Pip Blom who were playing a wet and cold Monday night at Òran Mór in the city as part of their European tour.

Getdown Services

Supporting Pip Blom tonight were, Manchester/Bristol duo, Getdown Services. Who, are absolutely bonkers. And brilliant.

Pulling largely from last year’s debut album, Crisps, described as “apocalyptic disco” they performed a set that at first had me scratching my head but then very soon had me in love with their sharp-witted, slightly cynical, and groove filled show.

Their unparalleled energy created a unique and sweaty atmosphere filled with fun and entertainment in every song. Their quirky interactions with each other and the audience added to the memorable experience.

Pip Blom

For their third album, Bobbie, Pip Blom, the band’s namesake and primary songwriter, opted for a radical change. After establishing the band as one of indie rock’s shining stars with two albums and a celebrated live performance repertoire developed over years of relentless touring, the new album takes a thrilling departure into pulsating, carefree synth-pop.

While previous tours and releases were predominantly guitar-driven, tonight’s set at Òran Mór reflected the synth-pop of Bobbie with over three-quarters of the setlist pulling from the album. The Dutch band were also semi- forced to reinvent themselves following the departure of their long-term drummer, Gini Cameron who left to have a baby.

Drum machines, programmers and percussion fill Gini’s drum stool as the band light up the room with their infectious dance-punk, electro style.

The band delivered a lively and slick show opening with last year’s big single, “Is This Love?” which featured Franz Ferdinand’s, Alex Kapranos.  There was understandably no guest appearance tonight but the band didn’t need any extras to captivate the hustling Monday night crowd.

Standout tracks from the night included “Kiss Me By the Candlelight,” “I Can Be Your Man,” “Where’d You Get My Number” and “Get Back” all delivering pulsating catchy hooks but delicately avoiding the clichés of typical power-pop.

Tonight at Òran Mór was a welcome plunge into the new sonic live realm of Pip Blom and the sound of a band who made re-invention fun.

Huge thanks to Jamie at Òran Mór and Hannah at DF Concerts.