Highland based DJ and producer, LOWT releases new album, Club Etiquette.

Scottish DJ LOWT’s latest album is a triumphant return to form, capturing the essence of his early Count Clockwork days. This focused electronic body of work revisits club-friendly tracks, reflecting the dance records that have influenced him throughout his life, such as those from Ed Banger Records, old Euphoria mixtapes, and breakbeat/jungle compilations. Venues like Ironworks, Karma Lounge, and Cake have also shaped the album’s direction.

LOWT expresses a longing for the days when albums had a cohesive sonic theme: “I miss the days of full records that have a running theme sonically – Moby, Jamie xx, Burial, Justice etc.”

With over a decade of experience in DJing, producing, and collaborating, LOWT has crafted an album that invites listeners to revisit and live with its tracks for years to come. This release is a nostalgic yet fresh offering that will resonate with both long-time fans and new listeners alike.

LOWT celebrated the release with a special launch gig at Castle Tavern in Inverness with friends, Household and Minsu Manor.

The DJ sets at The Castle Tavern in Inverness were outstanding, creating a hypnotic, pulsating vibe that had the lively up for-it crowd dancing all night. And with the first signs of summer you could be forgiven for thinking you had been transported to the sunny shores of Ibiza.

LOWT, along with Household and many others in the dance scene in Inverness have a genuine passion to ensure its survival and growth, no matter the challenges, and their dedication seems to be paying off with their gigs in Upstairs, Innes Bar and here at The Castle Tavern in Inverness.

Check out the photos of Household and Minsu Manors night with LOWT below.

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All photos © Al Donnelly