John O’Groats based band, Neon Waltz share rarities and unreleased demos.

Like many people during this Coronavirus pandemic, Neon Waltz have been having a clear out and taking the time to tidy up.  Well, some of us have anyway.  However, the Scottish indie-rock band have gone one better uncovered some old rarities and unreleased demos and pulled them together on a brand new EP called, Supernumerary 1.

The demos were written and recorded prior to the release of their debut album Strange Hymns.

Neon Waltz will be donating all proceeds from purchases within the first 24 hours to Black Lives Matter UK. Bandcamp will also be waiving their fees for the first 24 house in support of racial justice.

The band intend to release Supernumerary 2 and Supernumerary 3 during the summer months this year.

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