Neon Waltz delivered an enchanting performance Upstairs, Inverness, captivating the audience with their distinctive blend of dreamy indie rock.

Neon Waltz with The Dazed Digital Age, Upstairs, Inverness
25th April 2024

The intimate setting provided the perfect backdrop for the band’s atmospheric sound, creating a connection between the musicians and their fans that felt both personal and profound. The band’s ethereal melodies and thoughtful lyrics were brought to life with an energy that resonated throughout the room.

It was a set seamlessly blended with the past and present featuring a mix of new tracks from their latest album, “Honey Now,” and plenty of old favourites, providing familiar sing-alongs that lingered in fans’ minds long after the show ended.

Support act The Dazed Digital Age set the tone for the evening with their fresh and innovative sound. Their performance was a compelling mix of electronic beats and alternative rock, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

The sound quality at Upstairs was excellent allowing every nuance of the music to shine through, easily making it one of the best gigs Upstairs have hosted this year.

Shot for Netsounds by Jamie Macdonald