We’ve got 28 great new tunes on February’s Netsounds New Music playlist.

Included on the Netsounds New Music playlist list are brand new songs from The Ninth Wave, Broken Records, Milk Disco, The Chats, ARXX, Anna Sweeney, Nieves and a new tune taken from Neon Waltz’s “Bring Me The Light EP”.

There has been such an amazing amount of great music released this month that we are bound to have missed some, so apologies if you’re in a band, and we’ve missed you off, or a band you like hasn’t appeared. Feel free to tell us who we have missed.

The Spotify Netsounds New Music playlist will update monthly, so click follow and each month a brand new batch of great music will appear.

Cover art © Al Donnelly thisisadp.wordpress.com

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