We have a quite frankly stupid amount of good music for you on our November playlist.

Scotland’s very own Daft Punk – Kvasir opens the November New Music Playlist.  We have no idea who the artist behind the mask is, and it’s beginning to do our heads in.  Go on bud, give us a wee clue eh?  Fancy some shoegaze from Russia?  Aye, well we have that covered with a brilliant tune from Ethica.

I think I’ve found one of my favourite songs of 2017 in “Asking 4 a Friend” by Anna Burch.  What.  A.  Tune.

We’ve also got fantastic tracks from Palehound, Winter, Nervous Dater, Blush, L.A. WITCH, Lip Service, Swimming Bell.


Cover art © Al Donnelly thisisadp.wordpress.com