Images from the Olive Grove Records Showcase at The Hug & Pint in Glasgow as part of Celtic Connections 2019.

Here is a long overdue post with a selection of photos from our trip to the Olive Grove Records showcase.  The night was split in two with Chrissy Barnacle, Moonsoup, Circle Meets Dot (A.Wesley Chung and Jo Mango) and Jared Celosse performing in a “songwriters circle” all on stage and each taking a turn to before passing over to the next act.  This was followed by the brilliant Pocket Knife who ended the night with an indie disco vibe that conjured up comparisons to Nouvelle Vague.

Apologies to Mr. Jared Celose whose lovely wee face is not featured here.  The red stage lights defeated our ninja photographer.

Olive Grove Records Showcase | The Hug & Pint | Saturday 2nd February 2019 | Photos © Al Donnelly.

For more information about the bloody brilliant Olive Grove Records and the work they do and links to the artists please visit