For the final Netsounds podcast of 2016 Jamie Macdonald is joined by the long lost Murray Cameron.  Between them they select some of their favourite tracks over the past couple of months.

It’s a very non festive affair.

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  1. The Van T’s – Fun Garcon
  2. Neon Waltz – Dreamers
  3. Live Knives – Electro Smog
  4. Campfires In Winter – Free Me From The Howl
  5. Wolf Girl – Sourpuss
  6. ISLE – Faults
  7. Human People – Cell
  8. The Son(s) – Mississippi
  9. Meursault – Simple Is Good
  10. Adem & Jo Mango – If I could Choose (Live at The Pond)
  11. Glassbooks – Oh State Violence
  12. The Little Mill Of Happiness – Lepers Bell
  13. Charlotte Carpenter – Cheer

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