Leo Bargery from Scottish six-piece Mt. Doubt has chosen some of his current favourite songs to include on our Takeover Playlist.

Fronted by Leo Bargery’s distinctive oaken baritone style voice, Mt. Doubt announce the release of their brand new EP, The Loneliness of the TV Watchers on CD via Scottish Fiction Records on 2nd June 2017.  It’s the follow up to their brilliant single Tourists – which was released as a split 7″ with fellow indie label mates Foreignfox and 2016’s well received 2nd album In Awe Of Nothing.

The Loneliness Of The TV Watchers is a collection of emotionally engaging indie-pop-rock ballads that has become their calling card.  The accessible and self-assured single Tourists – which is inspired by Bargery’s fear of flying is featured on the EP along with the latest track to be taken from the EP, Reference Books, which is featured on our podcast.

There are not many other bands in Scotland that Mt. Doubt can be compared to and that’s a good thing indeed.

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Click on the player below to listen to the mixtape and read about Leo Bargery’s selections in his very own words.

Press play and let it run.

1.  Future Islands –  ‘Time on Her Side’
I’ve been compulsively listening to their new album ‘The Far Field’ in my car for weeks now. I could have picked pretty much any of the songs from the record but this one is especially good! Sam Herring has a genuinely interesting voice / vocal delivery which add a quite unexpected intensity to all of their music!

2.  HAWK –  ‘Ghosts’
Really great band I stumbled across at Brew at the Bog last summer while I was demolishing a pizza. They are now based in Berlin and recently brought out an EP called ‘She Knows’ which is excellent. It’s all very moody and atmospheric and the female vocals really elevate the whole sound in my opinion.

3.  Pronto Mama –  ‘Double Speak’
Every Scottish band’s favourite young Scottish band it seems! Really love this song if for nothing more than the line “aren’t we all such a bunch of creative minds”, it’s eclectic and engaging in equal measure which makes it almost confusingly catchy! In terms of musicianship, they’re head and shoulders above the rest.

4.  Beach House –  ‘Gila’
I saw Beach House a few years ago at the ABC in Glasgow and was actually a bit underwhelmed and because of that I didn’t really get ‘into them’ until much more recently, I picked up their album ‘Devotion’ in Fopp the other day and this particular song really stood out to me. I just really love the main guitar line that opens the song.

5.  Redolent –  ‘Floral’
Redolent are a testament to Edinburgh’s growing musical ‘scene’, they are quietly brilliant and definitely underrated. What is great about them is the fact their approach could be described as idiosyncratic and is entirely genuine. ‘Floral’ comes from their recent album ‘Juvenility’, which you should all listen to!

6.  Radiohead –  ‘Nude’
I was pretty late to the party with Radiohead to be honest so I’ve been pretty deep in the back catalogue of late trying to make up for lost time! They really are a phenomenal band; all the elements of their sound just marry so well. I know this is common knowledge to 99% of people reading this (sorry)…

7.  Grandaddy –  ‘Brush with the Wild’
Here’s another band I’ve been listening to a lot recently. Their latest LP ‘Last Place’ is exceptional and this is one of the best songs from the collection in my opinion. It’s pleasingly glitchy and the vocals sound lazy in the best possible and most-Grandaddy possible way! The chorus is also really catchy which is always a bonus.

8.  Life Model –  ‘Enough (To Know)’
Another great Scottish band with a great name! They are very fuzzy and shoegaze-y in the vain of your Slowdives and My Bloody Valentines… We’ll actually be playing alongside them at Sneaky Petes on May 26th with Posable Action Figures and David James Ritchie (all of whom you should listen to!) which we’re really excited about!

9.  Foreignfox –  ‘Lights Off (Carry Me Home)
Dunfermline’s finest Foreignfox are one of the best rock bands around at the moment. If you’re into gruff, soaring vocals, big choruses and interesting lyrics then this will definitely be right up your street! We were fortunate enough to share a 7” release with this track a few weeks back too!

10.  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds –  ‘Skeleton Tree’
Up there in my mind with Morrissey and Leonard Cohen, I’ve afforded Nick Cave musical demi-god status! His latest album is an absolute masterpiece and this is its closing track, and one of its finest moments! I think it’s also a pretty accessible place to get into the NC back catalogue, if anyone needs any persuading!