Glaswegian band Pronto Mama have handpicked some of their favourite tracks for our Takeover Playlist on our Spotify page.

The six-piece band are gearing up for the release of their hugely anticipated debut album Any Joy, due for release on 5th May 2017via Electric Honey.

It’s a mesmeric record that blends jazzy tempos, uncommon time signatures and an alternative rock attitude with progressive pop hooks and emotive vocals.

On tracks such as ‘Arabesque’, ‘Rubber’ and ‘One Trick Pony’ Pronto Mama exhibit the brass-inspired alternative indie rock that has become synonymous with artists such as Bombay Bicycle Club and Dutch Uncles who they have featured in their mixtape for us.

Pronto Mama began playing together as teenagers in their bedroom; a convenient escape from the sharper edges that existed in Glasgow’s east end where four of the members went to school.  Initially, the band were formed when two pairs of best friends came together. Each pair comprised one core songwriter, Marc Rooney (vocals, guitar) and Ciaran McEneny (vocals, keyboard, guitar), and one member of the rhythm section, Michael Griffin (bass) and Martin Johnston (drums). Alex Sharples (trumpet, keyboard) and Craig McMahon(trombone, keyboard, percussion) later joined the band completing the line-up and Pronto Mama were officially born.

Discover more about Pronto Mama here.

Click on the player below to listen to Pronto Mama’s playlist and read about the selections in their very own words.

Press play and let it run.

1. Bombay Bicycle Club – Overdone
An example of a band who’ve “done it right”. They’ve managed to change their sound over four incredible albums whilst maintaining a consistent level of song writing. They are also amazing at balancing intricacies within a song. Something which we have to consider a lot of the time when writing our own stuff.

2. Rachel Sermanni – Lay-Oh
We caught Rachel’s set recently at the February edition of Flint & Pitch (variety night based in Edinburgh). Her voice and song writing ability is unreal. Every one of us was blown away.

3. Dutch Uncles – Flexxin
One of the best live bands we’ve seen and an amazing masterclass in contemporary song writing. Think Steve Reich meets indie-pop. With dance moves.

4. Jamiroquai – Little L
The groove that Jay Kay’s band has on every track of Jamiroquai is insane.

5. Snarky Puppy – Bent Nails
They have the live sound completely nailed! Every member of this band is a genius at their craft and it really shows that if good musicianship is at the forefront you can’t go wrong. It’s also a bit of a “muso-geek out-what time signature is this?” kind of track which we like.

6. The Blue Nile – Tinseltown In The Rain
One of the best songs about a place. The fact the drums are all programmed is mind boggling and the vocal melody, lyric and the way its delivered is out of this world.

7. Simon & Garfunkel – America
It’s amazing how he can be so economical with his words and yet create such vivid imagery.

8. Twisted Melons – Love is A Drug
They’ve got classic psychedelic rock n roll down to a tee. It’s got the feeling of familiarity even though you’ve never heard it before. Class.

9. The Maccabees – Feel To Follow
The album this track is from (Given To The Wild) is a perfect example of having a collection of music that sounds like a complete work. I think it’s the big difference between ‘an album that features great songs’ and a ‘GREAT album’. We thought a lot about this concept when writing our own album in terms of production and tracklisting.

10. System Of A Down – Prison Song
If we’re in the van to and from gigs, going a bit stir crazy, we like to put this on and get our screams out. It helps.