Indie Electronica group, The Dazed Digital Age (DDA) from Scotland’s Highlands, have released their latest single Fragmented in Time.

Drawing inspiration from 80s giants like Depeche Mode, the track’s chorus carries echoes of Trent Reznor’s early work with Nine Inch Nails.

Drawing from synth-pop traditions established by icons like Depeche Mode and Soft Cell, and integrating facets of industrial and rock, the result is an invigorating “rock ‘n’ roll dance banger”. The lyrics convey a fervor about finding purpose, emphasising the transient nature of life – a mere flicker in time. Its poignant chorus hook, “I wanna live, I don’t want to die”, ensures the song leaves an emotional impression. “Fragmented In Time” is haunted, synthetic dance-pop through and through.

The accompanying video and artwork were crafted by the band’s lead, Gordon A. McKerrow, a Glasgow School of Art graduate and current art teacher. Integrating scenes from Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, and his present home in Shetland, the video combines self-portrait elements and introspective landscapes.

“Fragmented in Time” stands out with its compelling, dance-ready beat and a chorus that simply cannot be ignored.