The Netsounds team and extended family had a rare night out together – a trip to see a new musical, The Isle Of Love.

The Isle Of Love (Right Lines Productions) Eden Court, Inverness.

All we really knew about the musical was from what we had read: “a bittersweet tale of love and loss” inspired by the quirky lyrics and musical genius of Adam Ross from indie-pop band Randolph’s Leap.

The Isle of Love captures life on a fictional Scottish Hebridean island… the good, the bad, the glorious and the complicated.

The indie-folk-pop musical was a total delight and I am pretty sure I speak for everyone at the Inverness premiere who laughed, clapped, toe-tapped and cried.

It was a heart-warming, heart-breaking – soul-searching and shaking performance.  The Isle of Love was a journey in so many ways and covered topics such as domestic abuse, a failing marriage, loneliness and depression.  The multi-talented cast (including Adam Ross) and clever staging were a total treat, with the beautiful thread of Randolph’s Leap’s music weaving the spell together.

One minute you will laugh the next it will take you to a place in your mind that evokes something nostalgic, homely, timeless.  Adam’s vocals remove you from all that is wrong in the world and makes you remember that love is spectacular.

Life-affirming stuff and a must see production.

The Isle of Love has received backing from Creative Scotland to help take the musical out on tour across Scotland and the Islands.

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All photos © Al Donnelly  With thanks to Nicola McAlley and Marion Irvine