Ruminations is the latest single from Aberdeen based band, The Little Kicks

The brilliant melody-driven new single, “Ruminations” is the bands first new material since 2017.  It’s a wash with beautiful harmonies and a brooding bass line.

Fun fact – the video was shot at  Bon Accord Baths, where I (and many others) have swam. Brilliant to see it again in a very different use.

Speaking about the single, frontman Steven Milne said: “Despite its laid-back nature and stately pace, I wrote this song in the middle of a frantic period of life where things felt a little crazy. While excitedly preparing for the arrival of our son I decided to also lock myself away to get as much writing done in the months before his impending arrival.

I guess the fast-approaching unknown quantity that is fatherhood had me feeling a little contemplative as I found myself considering all sorts of “big questions” which began to keep me up at night. I considered my faults and that my age meant I could potentially be halfway through life, had I been a good person thus far and could I do better, how am I going to manage to somehow grow up and lead by example and so on and so on. Conversely, I was very excited and grateful for what lay ahead so I wanted to capture how I felt at that time-that mix of excitement and fear-and I couldn’t help but write about it.

Musically we wanted the song to have an almost cinematic sound with big strings and a near gospel sound in the chorus vocals to respond to and shift the tone from the darker, sparser verses. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to  work with Paul Savage at Chem 19 recording studio as our producer on this recording. For our performances on this track, he really helped us by reminding us of the importance of letting the song naturally do its thing and to concentrate on not rushing things.”

Ruminations is out now on all major platforms.