Mystical Edinburgh based band, The Son(s) have released the title track from their forthcoming album, The Creatures We Were Before We Are Ghosts.

The album is officially out on 18th September on transparent vinyl and limited to just 100 copies, so we suggest you pre-order now!

The Son(s) released their self-titled album with Olive Grove in 2011 was followed by their ten track mini LP, Leviathan and their second full length album, The Things I Love Are Not at Home followed in 2014.  In 2018/19 a new line up of The Son(s) played several low-key shows supporting the likes of Kathryn JosephRandolph’s Leap & RM Hubbert in Glasgow & Edinburgh.

Songs for the album were recorded in Leith Theatre during a particularly cold March.

The Creatures We Were Before We Are Ghosts will be released by Olive Grove Records. Pre-order the album here.