An Evening Under Canvas: Musical Delight with Gillian Fleetwood and Adam Ross.

Under Canvas, Eden Court, Inverness. 4th July 2024.

Words and pictures by  Alan Cruickshank 


My first time attending Under Canvas turned a chilli evening into a warm entertaining night of delightful music and anecdotes from both Adam and Gillian.

First up under the canvas stage was Gillian Fleetwood and her musical best friends, Adam Ross agreed to introduce Gillian on stage and was doing so well until he wrongly named her latest album to much palm smacking foreheads from the band and a few audience members, the correct album title is “Together with Yourself at Sea Level” I went on to her webpage to check, was not falling for that mistake!

Although her music is described as traditional I would add based on this performance classical too but with a stylish twist I was not expecting, maybe this comes from her time in the Glasgow music scene, either way, thoroughly enjoyable evening of music under canvas.

Next up was Adam Ross, and it took no time for me to realise what a talented song writer Adam is, and when he told the assembled crowd the name of his album (Littoral Zone) he managed to remember it just fine! Strange that.

Adam brought Gillian up on stage to accompany him for his set, whilst tuning up Adam chatted to the crowd and told us all how several people throughout the day came up to Gillian and gave her back some clothing that she left at various people’s houses! He quickly instructed us not to think of anything seedy about this, Gillian quickly explained that if she comes to your house she goes all in and makes herself at home, that it would appear includes leaving items of clothing around your house.

Adam talked about his song writing during Covid-19 and the lows he felt just like the rest of us, unlike the rest of us though he could use his gift of writing to find some great humour in his experience, one of his song lyrics talked about how one of his neighbours tried to sue the makers of Frazzle Crisps for the untimely demise of their Koi Carp! I genuinely was not sure if I heard him correctly but it appears I did.

The song writing of Adam is difficult for me to attach a genre too, folk…..folk/pop-ish I’m not sure, humorous for sure, beautifully written and performed….absolutely.

Many thanks to Adam and Gillian; this was a really enjoyable evening of music under a canvas.

So….this was my first time at Eden Court’s “Under Canvas” sessions, I’m late to this particular party but better late than never, I’m very much looking forward to catching MacGilli and the album release of Kenna Ross on Sunday 14th of this month, much kudos goes to Eden Court and all the artists lined up for the next 8 weeks or so.

Under Canvas runs at Eden Court Theatre, Inverness during July and August.

For full listings and to book, click here: Eden Court Under Canvas.