After last years debut album, What Is Home? Scottish band, brownbear return with a new song – ‘Retro’.

‘Retro’ is a wonderful laid back tune that’s going to feature on many a summer playlist.  With the world population confided to their homes, wondering when life might return to some level of normality, the opening line of Retro couldn’t be more apt – “I’ve been thinking of the old days”.  Indeed Matt.

I asked brownbear’s Matt Hickman what’s the story behind the the song.  “It’s a reflective song.  Life so far.  Thinking back to being young and then now, and where I go next”.  As a bit of a brownbear fanboy, I asked Matt if Retro was an indication of the songs he has written for the new album.  “Album two is a scary place to be.  I think it’s the most out there track on the album.  A lot more electric guitar from me and more instruments.  Album two is a natural growth towards a bit more of a Afrocentric / soul sound”.

Safely ensconced away in Kilmarnock, how is Matt passing the time?  “I’ve been playing lot of piano.  Trying to good before I have to go and gig it”.  Along with that, Matt is giving it a go at learning Gaelic.  Cothrom na Féinne fella.

Get it here : brownbear – Retro.  And watch the video below.

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