In unprecedented times we can rely on music to help us through.

All the continents, countries and communities of the world are fighting the coronavirus crisis.  New measures are being announced daily to delay and eliminate coronavirus.  This will mean that our way of life will change, for the time being anyway.  Restrictions on travel, cancelled concerts, tours and festivals.  Venues closed.  Every sector and every way of life is affected.

But music will continue. Songs will not be cancelled.

We can also support musicians who will be affected by the necessary restrictions.

If you can, show some love to your favourite artists.  Stream their songs, stream the album, buy an album. Buy their merch.  Share their streams, albums and playlists and increase their visibility on social media.

Explore new platforms. If you’re on Apple Music or Spotify why not dip into Bandcamp or Souncloud or seek out fan-funded albums.  Bandcamp is great for independent artists and fans.

Songs will not be cancelled

Here at Netsounds we have created a community playlist where we will share some of our favourite tracks new and old.  New music from Scotland and beyond mixed in with classic tracks and deep cuts.

But more importantly we want you to shape the playlist.  We want to know what you are listening to.

To get involved all you need to do is:

1. Pick your favourite song – it can be something new, something old or something special to you.

2. Add it to our playlist via the link

3. Share the playlist far and wide on social media and tag the artists

Feel free to tell us what you’ve added and why.

Please don’t delete any tracks.

Advice and support

If you are a musician and concerned about the impacts of coronavirus to you health, performance and teaching commitments check out the support and advice available from Help Musicians Scotland.

For information on the music business in Scotland and coronavirus visit The Scottish Music Industry Association who are sharing ways of supporting each other and working together.

Government updates are available here

NHS advice is available here

Featured image – The Dunts © Al Donnelly.