Scottish music innovators, Check Masses remix their debut album Nightlife.

Despite the global catastrophe that has been Covid-19, Check Masses emerged in 2020 with their debut album Nightlife — a glorious blend of psychedelic soul, hip-hop, dub, electronica and rock’n’roll.

A year on and the Scottish based band are set to release a remixed version of the album.  Nightlife Remixed, brings together a wide range of talented friends and associates from the blossoming indie, electronica, post-punk and hip-hop scenes in the UK and across the globe.

The album will be preceded by the release of the Moroccan Skies EP on 23rd July.  The 6-track EP takes a key track from Nightlife and twists it five spectacular directions, adding the original album version. Erik Tricity turns the song into a Prodigy versus Pendulum break-beat banger; Ex Makina transform it with melancholy, cinematic electronics; Man of Moon throb and pulse like the guvnor Andrew Weatherall; Great Ezcape up the hip-hop with a low-slung rap from Profisee; while legendary Killing Joke bassist and producer extraordinaire, Youth dubs it into infinity.

Nightlife Remixed is released in September 2021.

The trip-hop sounding ‘Moroccan Skies’ – Erik Tricity ‘Bearo’ Remix is available to stream now.

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