Glasgow’s indie-folk sensation, Finn Brodie, has released  his spellbinding EP ‘Home Run’ on 25 August.

The EP, a collection of five deeply emotive tracks, underscores Brodie’s promise as a rising force in the music world.

With a musical journey that began at the tender age of 15, Brodie’s path has been marked by both passion and transformation.

Now, well into his 20s and having made Glasgow his home, Brodie’s coming out as trans has added profound layers to his music. His songs exude raw emotion, capturing the essence of his experiences, and with each note, his distinct sound resonates powerfully and elegantly.

Adding a touch of magic to the ‘Home Run’ EP, the tracks have been meticulously recorded and produced by Brodie’s close friend and celebrated artist, Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit. Through his songs, Brodie provides listeners with an up-close look into the complexities of identity, the intricacies of relationships, and the rites of passage that define growing up.

Speaking about the release of ‘Home Run’, Brodie said: “Since I came out as trans at the start of the pandemic, my songwriting has become a lot more honest and literal. Because the EP was written during that time, mostly alone, in my bedroom, I used these songs to help me make sense of the things I was feeling.

“For me, being trans and spending a long time not being able to come out has inevitably shaped every part of my life. During lockdown, I was suddenly given all this time to go back through my memories and experiences, and write about them with this new context. I found doing this really interesting and cathartic.

“The title track from ‘Home Run’ is a song about going easy on yourself and knowing that at some point you’ll be where you want to be, so it’s okay to take a breath and enjoy the journey. I hope that’s the lasting feeling people get from the EP.”


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