Edinburgh’s Goodnight Louisa releases video for new single ‘Diana’ reappraising public perception of the People’s Princess.

‘Diana’, the beautiful new single from Goodnight Louisa, aka Edinburgh artist-producer Louise McCraw, is a startling reappraisal of the public’s relationship with the People’s Princess, a quarter century after her death.

The stunning and haunting track was first performed for Netsounds back in 2019 when Louise recorded a live session for us under canvas at Eden Court in Inverness.

‘Diana’ is the second track from McCraw’s accomplished debut album Human Danger, ‘Diana’ wrenches the humanity and personhood from this most revered and mistreated modern icon. ‘Diana loves, Diana loves like a woman,’ McCraw sighs over unadorned piano chords, her vocals as unspoilt as a wedding dress.

McCraw says of the track: “I wanted it to be quite sweet and timeless, and I wanted it to be really brutal,” McCraw reflects. “I think what happened to her in the lead up to death was one of the worst things that’s ever happened to anyone, and I don’t think it would have happened to a man. It was to do with ideas of her being ‘pure’ and all this weird stuff that came along with that. It shows you what people really wanted at that time, and I find it quite unsettling.”

A contrast to the dark disco throb of previous single ‘Get Your Hands Off My Girlfriend’, Diana was initially inspired by a real life event – or at least one which occurred in McCraw’s active dream life.

“When I was ill, I had a really strange dream where she came into my bedroom and said: ‘you’ve got to save the world, even if it kills you’,” she says.

The video for ‘Diana’ was filmed in the historic backdrop of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands.

‘Diana’ is out on 24th September 2021.