Glasgow based, Isik Kural, the latest signing to Brooklyn based label RVNG Intl., has released a video for his lullaby-like, “paperhat”.

The Istanbul-born Glasgow-based  sound designer takes  you on a short serene journey through local woodland and down the Kelvin River, showing Kural amongst the scenes often heard weaved within his music. 

The tender and serene “paperhat” is taken from Isik’s forthcoming new album  in february released on 25th March 2022.

Born in Istanbul, Isik studied music engineering at the University of Miami, alighted in New York City, and eventually settled in Glasgow, immersing in a sound design masters and audiovisual practice. While these paths guided him between different projects and cities, a voice was simultaneously growing inside the artist, informed by a vision of the world in its everyday luminosity. This voice was expressed in the lyrical and instrumental waves of 2019’s As Flurries, a cassette collection for the Italian label Almost Halloween Records.

Isik Kural’s in february will be released on 25th March 2022 on vinyl, cassette, compact disc, and digital formats. On behalf of Isik, a portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit Turkiye Egitim Gonulluleri Vakfi, an organisation that creates and conducts workshops, educational training programs and after school programs for children across Turkey.

in february is available here.

Featured image © Matthew Arthur Williams