Scottish singer-songwriter Liv Dawn has announced the upcoming release of her debut EP, titled “Beautiful Daydream,” which is set to be self-released on August 18th.

Liv, a talented folk-pop singer-songwriter, gained recognition as a finalist in the esteemed BBC Radio Scotland Singer-Songwriter of the Year Award in 2019. Her forthcoming EP comprises five powerful and deeply personal tracks that delve into the complexities of love, yearning for new experiences, pursuing dreams, and finding happiness in one’s twenties.

Hailing from Loch Lomond, the 24-year-old artist draws inspiration from Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes, infusing her music with a sense of tranquility and solace found in nature. The EP, crafted in an organic folk-style, boasts a captivating blend of acoustic sound, intricate melodies, and skilful instrumentation. Liv’s powerful vocals and ethereal harmonies take listeners on a mesmerising journey through her carefully woven narratives. The EP features five tracks: “Pretty People,” “I Love You,” “It’s Beautiful,” “Belong,” and the eponymous “Beautiful Daydream.”

The second single from the EP, “I Love You,” released on July 7th explores the overwhelming and profound nature of true and deep love. Liv’s delicate vocals and poignant lyrics create an enchanting experience that is sure to captivate listeners.

In Liv’s own words, she explains the essence of “I Love You”: “The lyrics delve into the emotion of feeling forever grateful for a person and holding complete adoration for them,” continued Liv. Speaking of the special connection that comes from creating memories and living life together as one, I Love You reflects on how someone can guide you through your darkest times and make you a better person.”

Liv Dawn’s previous single, “Pretty People,” released earlier this month, delves into the emotional journey of realizing that one is happier and better off without someone. Drawing from her own memories, experiences, and emotions, Liv expertly captures the complexity of moving on.

The heartfelt and captivating EP, “Beautiful Daydream,” is set to be released on August 18th, accompanied by a special performance at The Hug and Pint in Glasgow.

Liv co-produced the EP with her friend and fellow musician Aidan Smith, and they recorded it in their home studio, Caribou Recording and 45 A-Side Studios. Liam Narrie handled the mixing, while the EP features session musicians such as Aidan Smith (piano, guitars, backing vocals), Calum Macleod (drums), Chris Gilday (guitars), Liam Narrie (guitars), Elspeth McKay (cello), Katie Rush (violin), and Nicola Boag (viola).

Live Dates:

29th May – HowTheLightGetsIn Festival, London

9th + 11th June – Eden Festival, Dumfries and Galloway

24th + 25th June – Leigh Folk Festival, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex

16th July – King Tut’s Summer Nights, Glasgow

28th July – Belladrum, Kiltarlity near Inverness

18th August – Hug & Pint, Glasgow EP Launch Show

Featured image © Ellen Norna Francis