Scottish indie-electronica band, The Dazed Digital Age release new single and video, “Symon”.

The Dazed Digital Age (DDA) are an indie electronica band hailing from the scenic Highlands of Scotland. They have rereleased their highly anticipated new single, “Symon,” marking their first release since “Nothing Remains” in 2020 and their debut, “IV,” in 2018.

“Symon” is an anthemic and aggressive dance banger that carries a powerful message. Its lyrics ignite a surge of energy, encouraging listeners to break free from the monotonous grind of everyday life, leave the past behind, and pursue their dreams. As lead vocalist Gordon A. McKerrow, known for his work with the indie band Lional and as a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art (now an art teacher), passionately belts out the chorus, his lyrics “Set Me Free” resonate as a potential anthem for the band’s overall ethos.

Accompanying this infectious track is a slick, 70’s vintage-inspired music video, shot by filmmaker Scott Remy on the breathtaking shores of Loch Ness. Presented in a square format, the video captures the three-piece band breaking free from their roots, cruising in a convertible. The imagery evokes a sense of Hunter S. Thompson’s iconic style, complete with references to the American desert and Tarantino-esque visuals. While the video takes the audience on a nostalgic journey, it remains grounded in the raw and rugged landscapes that shape the band’s origins. Interestingly, these American influences hold significance due to the band’s frontman and lyricist recently returning from a journey across the United States, including explorations of deserts in Utah, Arizona, and California. These experiences helped shape the video concept and provide insight into the band’s future direction.

Drawing inspiration from musical luminaries such as Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, and Radiohead, The Dazed Digital Age consistently infuse their work with raw emotion.

Fans will have the opportunity to witness The Dazed Digital Age’s captivating live performance at the Belladrum Festival on Thursday, July 27, 2023.

Featured image  © Al Donnelly 

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