Highlights From The Netsounds Spotify, New Music Playlist.

We have listed below some notable tracks from 2024 so far as featured on our our Spotify New Music Playlist.


Demi Spriggs – Holding Fair
“Holding Fair” is a delicate and rustic sound featuring acoustic guitar and Demi’s vocals taking center stage in the mix. Beginning with a brief unaccompanied rendition of Scarborough Fair,  before transitioning into, “Holding Fair”.

Demi Spriggs divides her time between London and Athens. Her album, a boy called ear, released via Team Love Records, weaves fresh folk narratives and offers feminist interpretations of timeless folk tales. She explores a blend of traditional and experimental approaches, traversing through melancholic, eerie, and uncanny themes, crafting stories for the weary and tales that resonate deeply.

Aurora Engine – Ice Pop Shop
“Ice Pop Shop” is a synth-pop track that delves into the world of inebriated brawlers clashing in Co. Durham, the artist’s hometown. The main character finds themselves injured in an ‘Ice Pop Shop,’ a nostalgic location from their childhood frequented in the past.

Originally hailing from the northeast of England, Aurora Engine has established her creative hub in the capital of Scotland. Combining progressive electronica with live harp and piano, and infusing her native Geordie-tinged dialect into her vocals, Shaw delves into a diverse array of topics on her album “Secret Knock”.

Scotstown Dance Band – Shawfield Greyhound Stadium
Scotstown Dance Band is the new musical moniker from brothers Jacob and Rory Green whom enjoyed previous success performing as JR Green. Having moved back to the picturesque, remote Highland village of Sunart, the Scotstown Dance Band have gone back to their Scottish traditional folk roots (both in terms of location and sound).  Inspired by the traditional folk songs that taught the brothers their craft, it’s unashamedly Highland but with a modern indie twist.

The song centers around a man who finds joy in investing both his time and money in watching greyhound racing at Shawfield Stadium in Rutherglen. As the song unfolds, he ardently defends his affinity for this activity against a female character who condemns the sport as being cruel and unethical.

Adam Ross – Free Will
“Free Will,” the inaugural single and opening track from Adam Ross’s latest album, Littoral Zone.  The song is described as a journey of consciousness, traversing doubts, desires, demons, and disputes. “Free Will” highlights Adam’s astute lyricism and the exceptional talents of his musical collaborators.

Captured during studio sessions in Dundee in 2023, this song invites listeners on a leisurely stroll through a northeast village, seamlessly weaving between local and existential themes, introspection, and rugged romance. Departing from the sparse folk sound of Adam’s prior album, it unveils the expansive musical realm of “Littoral Zone.”

Savage Mansion – Total Columbia
Taken from Savage Mansion’s latest LP, The Shakes, released via Lost Map. Recorded live to tape with minimal overdubs at Analogue Catalogue Studios in Newry, Northern Ireland, The Shakes stands as Savage Mansion’s most exhilarating record to date. Rooted in a profound well of emotion and guided by the meticulously crafted influences of passionate writers, this album captures the energetic live energy of the band.

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