Scottish alt-pop musician Keir Gibson returned to Inverness for a sell-out gig

Keir Gibson @ The Tooth & Claw, Inverness
15 March 2024

Words and Pictures by  Alan Cruickshank 

As a general election is looming it was a really nice change to hear the name “Keir” being bandied about locally but this time with the surname “Gibson” and associated with great music not politics.

Keir Gibson’s much awaited headline show at Tooth & Claw eventually happened from a cancellation last year, and it kicked off with the superb Archie hailing from Glasgow.

This was the first time playing Inverness for Archie who met Keir through song writing together. After enjoying his set and the crowd reaction I’d say Archie was already easily capable of selling out a headlining gig of his own at Tooth & Claw and hopefully we will get to see this happen soon. To give you a flavour of his music I think pushing you to go look him up on Instagram (archiecwmusic) and enjoy his regular and enjoyable content is better than me trying to explain why I really liked this fella so much.

Keir’s headlining show was from a postponement back in I think September last year so we all have had to wait a while for this, but very much worth the wait.

Keir walked out to this sold out event to much cheering and whistling from an excited and expectant crowd, as a well-known and respected artist around here it’s no real surprise he got such a warm welcome.

If you have seen Keir play live before then there is nothing I can tell you about this show that you don’t already know, Keir has great fingers and plays beautifully, his lyrics and song writing were as per usual on point having said that this was the best sounding I heard Keir to date, really enjoyable gig. Keir’s new EP titled “Weak Ties” has been out since first of this month.