Bet you never thought Jeff Goldblum would appear on Netsounds?  Well, Netsounds uh….finds a way.  And we were so preoccupied with whether we could, we didn’t stop to think if we should.  Those topical jokes were brought to you from 1993.  Netsounds.  Finger on the pulse of pop culture references.

To explain, Jeff Goldblum appears on the Fever High track Good Advice, taken from their debut album FHNY, which is released on 10th November.

One of our favourite bands Honeyblood are back with a cracking tune.  Honeyblood are on tour in December with the final show titled “Have Yourself A Honeybloody Christmas” on the 22nd December at the ABC in Glasgow with support from The Spook School, Man of Moon and The Ninth Wave.

Also featured are Pale Honey, Breakfast Muff, Champion Electric, Good Good Blood, Siv Jakobsen, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Dana Gavanski, Verdigirls

And to finish off, the playlist ends with an 8 minute epic from Sweden’s Simian Ghost.  Climb the Walls is from their recently released self titled album.


Cover art © Al Donnelly