Scottish musician, songwriter and producer Iain McLaughlin is our guest on the Netsounds New Music podcast.

Going into 2020 we wanted to change the format of our podcast.  Firstly we wanted to invite more voices and guests onto the podcast to share their passion for music, their stories and experiences. Secondly we wanted to feature less music.  A new music podcast with little or no music – had we lost our minds?

We wanted to move the podcast away from the “radio format” and feature people talking about music, what inspires them and to create a podcast that was more about music banter than the playing of songs.  After all, you can stream what you want whenever you want.  Going forward we hope the podcasts will feature new and emerging acts and music geek guests who will provide context to the songs they’ve written and and tell stories about the music and songs they love.

For our first podcast in this new format we sat down and chatted with Inverness based musician, Iain McLaughlin who aside from fronting Iain McLaughlin & the Outsiders, he has his own studio where he produces and records new artists.

We featured two tracks on this episode:

Robin Abbot  – She Once Cared

Iain McLaughlin – Don’t Speak (Netsounds Session)

Discover more about Iain and his projects: Iain McLaughlin & The Outsiders | IMOUT Records |

All images and Podcast cover art © Al Donnelly

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