Netsounds music recommendations for March 2020.

It’s been a strange month.  The Coronavirus Pandemic and lockdown across the globe have sadly meant the cancellations of gigs and festival and many musicians are facing uncertain and worrying times.  It has also created an increase in streaming and people listening to more music as we seek comfort and distraction.

So, our monthly eclectic list of music suggestions seems more important than ever.  People often retreat to their favourite albums and artists but it’s also an opportunity to use our periods of isolation to seek out new artists and songs.  We’ve collected a handful of our recent favourites below.

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NAPPS – Extended Play Vol. 2

Retro lo-fi sounding beats and bleeps from Very little is known about the mysterious NAPPS other than the information provided by Team Love Records –  “Beats to move your heart across infinite interior landscapes and digital proclivities. Keep moving, find a way through maze.”  Intriguing.

Peplo – Tall

Beautiful jangly dream pop from Glasgow based alt-pop band, Peplo.

Following a season of live shows that saw the band perform alongside Meursault; Jonnie Common; Hailey Beavis; and En Attendant Ana, Peplo have released their new song ‘Tall ‘.

Cara Rose – Learn to Speak

Stunning debut single from Glasgow singer-songwriter, Cara Rose‘Learn to Speak’ is a soulful debut that is instantly appealing and echoes one of her influences, Amy Winehouse.

Casual Drag – Johnny

Scottish three-piece garage punk band, Casual Drag have released their second single, ‘Johnny’. The song was recored  at Green Door Studios in Glasgow with Ronan from fellow Glasgow band, Sweaty Palms.
Richard from the band said: ” I try not to put too much meaning on each song as we want the listener to take what they want from it.  But the song is inspired by an asshole guy we know, I guess we wanted ‘Johnny’ to be a caricature of the lad stereotype.  It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at everything that comes with that culture.”

Mt. Doubt – Headless

‘Headless’ is Mt. Doubts first release through Scottish independent label, Last Night From Glasgow with an album scheduled for September 2020.

‘Headless’ sees the band expand their sound that they first introduced to us in 2016 with their debut, In Awe of Nothing.  Its a beautiful melodic progression that sees piano and guitars weave delicate shapes around singer Leo Bargery’s sonorous baritone.

Read more here.

Savage Mansion – Weird Country

‘Weird Country’ is the title track single lifted from Glasgow’s Savage Mansion‘s forthcoming sophomore album.

Inspired by the musical storytelling of The Kinks and The Replacements, Weird Country expands on the punk sensibilities of the band’s debut LP, 2019’s Revision Ballads, exploring the chaotic turbulence of the modern world, and trying to find a place within it with musical and lyrical nuance. Weird Country the LP is available from Lost Map on 3rd April 2020.

Circle Meets Dot – Archipelago EP

Circle Meets Dot is indie folk luminary Jo Mango, and Californian singer-songwriter, A. Wesley Chung (The Great Albatross). Circle Meets Dot is a meeting of minds, sparking with energy blending Scottish folk and Californian alt-country.

The EP is a work of beauty. A. Wesley Chung’s vocals shine on these stripped back songs, more than on his previous Great Albatross releases. The pairing with Jo Mango’s sublime and delicate vocals works flawlessly as her voice floats across the melancholic folk pop arrangements.

Read more here.

Tamzene – Best of Me

Tamzene’s powerful soulful vocals take centre stage on this stripped back and heartfelt piano based ballad.  ‘Best of Me’ is the follow up to the single ‘Soldier’ released earlier this year.  Tamzene said of the song: ‘I wrote this song at home on my very old and out-of-tune piano, after one or maybe three glasses of red wine. It’s pretty raw and is a sort of ‘picking up the pieces’ lament. I kinda wanted to both remember and forget about the past.’

In the current climate with all concerts and mass gatherings canceled, Tamzene will be taking to instagram for regular live sessions and will be releasing a series of piano based singles in the coming weeks which will come together in the form of a limited edition vinyl release EP ‘Intro’.

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Discover more new music…

Keep up to date with what we are listening to: follow our regularly updated  Spotify New Music Playlist .

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