From Glasgow to Dornoch: Phillip Jon Taylor’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Musical Rebirth.

Five years ago, singer, songwriter, and producer Phillip Jon Taylor left behind Glasgow for the tranquil coastal village of Dornoch in Scotland’s northeast. Motivated by personal loss and profound revelations, this move provided Taylor the necessary space for long overdue self-care and a retreat from the pervasive influence of modern technology. After a whirlwind decade touring with the band PAWS, Taylor seized this opportunity to introspectively assess his life’s trajectory.

Detaching from the constant connectivity of the online world also reignited Taylor’s creativity. Transforming a crofter’s cottage on a local farm into a recording studio, he embraced the role of multi-instrumentalist and producer for the first time. This newfound environment birthed his debut album “Essential Maintenance For Human Happiness,” released exclusively as a download, along with subsequent EPs “The 5 Songs” and “Supportive Partner Please Stand Here.”

From this transformative period emerged Taylor’s latest release, “De Nada,” showcasing the pinnacle of his artistic evolution. The album melds the indie rock/pop essence of PAWS’ legacy with the expansive vision of his solo work and EPs, enriched by the electronic nuances of his acclaimed “Coping Mechanism” project. Drawing from influences like Jim O’Rourke, Jon Brion, Liz Harris, David Bazan, and Phil Elverum, Taylor’s music weaves intricate electric guitar melodies around the core acoustic soul of his compositions, evoking nostalgia for 90’s underground shoegaze akin to Lilys’ “Eccsame The Photon Band” and Jimmy Eat World’s “Clarity” era.

“De Nada,” meaning ‘for nothing’ in Spanish, paradoxically encapsulates everything meaningful to Taylor during a period of profound personal reevaluation.

A week after the release of De Nada, Phillip played tracks from the LP plus some stripped back PAWS songs at Eden Court Theatre’s, Under Canvas. Phillip also plays Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival 25-27 July.

De Nada by Phillip Jon Taylor is out now via Bandcamp.

All images © Jamie Macdonald/Netsounds