It was a cold autumn Saturday morning when I first heard Good Good Blood’s new EP, Trick Of The Light.  I’d only recently heard the brand new single, ‘We All Need Somebody’ when James Smith, the West Yorkshire based musician sent me over a link to the forthcoming EP.

I listened from start to finish and it perfectly reflected my surroundings and thoughts.  A similar thing happened at the end of 2019 when I first heard the single, ‘Say Goodbye’ on a cold and frosty bus, perfectly soundtracking my misty and frozen journey.

‘Breathe For Me’ is the stand out track from the forthcoming EP and will appeal to fans of Bon Iver and Alex G.

The new single, ‘Breathe For Me’ sees Smith take his honest and beautiful musicianship to the next level.  Sweeping along almost waltz-like with its understated strings, it’s easily the strongest release from Good Good Blood to date.

The lyrics “I don’t know how this goes… my heart is cold and hollow” could be any one us us searching for answers in these uncertain times.  But theres optimism in the lyrics too with the words, “but your light keeps shining”.  Could be self doubt, could be a lover or a father yearning for that place they feel loved and safe.  It’s a song you want to curl up inside and get to know a bit more about on each play.

The songs on Trick Of The Light have an earthy and intimate quality that are perfect for chilling out on an autumn/winter day or for just chilling in out in general.

As a bonus for ambient lovers, like me, there are two tracks, ‘Untitled’ and ‘Untitled II’.  I’ve been listening to so much ambient music this past seven months so these are welcome additions.  Sometimes it’s what you need when we are surrounded by so many words.  They act almost like really clever bookends to the EP.

And here’s a fun fact for you all… the photo for the EP cover was taken by Scottish singer-songwriter and musician, Kathryn Joseph.

‘Breathe For Me’ is available now on Bandcamp and Spotify.  The EP, Trick Of The Light is released on October 30th and available to pre-order now.

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