Scottish alternative singer-songwriter, Scott C Park’s video for his nw single, “The Smoke”.

Scott C Park is the first signing to release music via Charlie Clark’s brand new label: No Big Deal Music. 

The country-tinged alt-pop “The Smoke” was written in 2019 as the artist found himself waving goodbye to his student days, with the clouds of an uncertain future approaching. Touching on themes of personal paranoia and self-help to finding your way in the world, Scott elaborates of the track:about what it feels like to change. 

“I wrote The Smoke in summer 2019 after graduating from an arts course into the big bad world of unemployment. I’d been coming down pretty hard on myself with negative self-talk, constantly expecting myself to achieve impossible or unreasonable standards. I got myself into a particular state of mind one night where I was able to perceive this more objectively, and that’s what The Smoke is about — recognising the horrible ways you can talk to yourself and figuring out whether any of that vitriol is even true. Often it’s not.”

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