Photos from our first post lockdown festival – Woodzstock Festival, near Inverness.

This was a pretty big deal, our ninja photographer Al Donnelly had not been at a gig or festival since before lockdown, thankfully he remembered to take the lens cap off and as always delivered an exquisite album of images.

Woodzstock Festival is one of the smallest of its kind but it’s also one of the first small festivals in the Highlands since lockdown restrictions were lifted.  It’s a welcome return for owners Dave and Charlie Elliott who had to postpone last year’s festival.

Everything was lined up to make Woodzstock 2021 a success – the weather was kind, the sun shone and the festival was a welcome socially distanced sell-out.

Co-headliners Esperanza and Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 brought a welcome party vibe along with local artists Lional, Katie Gregson-MacLeod and MoRK.

Looking forward to Woodzstock 2022!

All images © Al Donnelly.

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