Scottish electronic-pop duo, The Girl Who Cried Wolf return with new video, ‘Turn The Page’.

The dark and brooding, ‘Turn The Page’ was the first track the duo (singer/guitarist Lauren Gilmour and multi-instrumentalist Audrey Tait) wrote together back in 2016, inspired by a TV theme tune.  It’s also the opening track from their Crazy Things EP that we released last year

Audrey said of the song, “The song resonates with us now more than ever. Since it was written, the global conversation about gender, consent and equality has escalated to a new level entirely. For us, there’s something striking about how few words are used in this track to sum up a universal female experience. This song sparked something in us which led to the beginning of our studio (Novasound) and creative partnership so we’re delighted to share it with people now.”

The video was made by Duck Duck! and the visuals were taken from the 1963 Italian giallo film, The Girl Who Knew Too Much.

The duo are also delighted to announce they have a gig on April 30th when they will be part of the bill for the Sunny Govan Community Radio & Refuweegee Fundraiser with Steg G, Loki, Becci Wallace, DopeSickFly and more to be confirmed.