Western Column is the songwriting project of Glasgow based DIY musician Christopher Devine (Dutch Wine/Stock Manager) whose second single ‘Hear not Say’ is out now via Negative Hope Records.

‘Hear not Say’  is a wash of distorted guitars, vocals, bass and drums.  It’s tight and confident blanket of noise that feels familiar – the perfect refuge whether rocking with the melody or just plain brooding.

Devine says of the song, “Having only been the third song I’ve entirely written myself, I feel like I’m still finding my feet and trying different things to see what sticks. This track was a good bit of fun trying out ideas and more than anything it was a really good learning experience.”

Negative Hope Records is an independent record label / music collective based in Glasgow, who see themselves primarily as a support network for new/unsigned bands, providing them with opportunities that can often be hard to find when starting out.