Scottish band, wojtek the bear return with rousing new single, “Fireworks Out of Focus”.

“Glasgow-based indie pop band Wojtek the Bear unveil their third studio album, Shaking Hands with the NME, in collaboration with Last Night From Glasgow. Produced by the renowned Stephen Street (known for his work with The Smiths, Blur, and New Order), the album is set for release on April 12, 2024.

Recorded over a two-week span during the summer of 2023 at Chem19 Studios in Glasgow, the band opted for a streamlined approach, as songwriter Tam Killean explains, “I think like most people creating any sort of art we can be prone to overcomplicating things, so when approaching the writing and recording for this record we tried to really rein in that impulse. Stephen was great at nurturing that side of us too – he gave us the confidence to know that often the simplest things are the best.”

The result is a gorgeous album of beautiful jangly guitars, heartfelt strings and poignant yet relatable lyrics.

The album’s lead single, “Second Place on Purpose,” premiered in October, offering a poignant reflection on the revelations accompanying parenthood. Following suit, the second single, “Slowly, Then All at Once,” debuted on January 26, the third and final single, “Fireworks Out of Focus”, dropped on March 22.

Since their formation in 2016, Wojtek the Bear has captivated audiences across the UK and Europe with their distinct sound. Following their debut release, “A Talent for Being Unreasonable,” in 2018, and their sophomore effort, “Heaven by the Backdoor,” in 2021, the band has earned acclaim from critics and fans alike. Featured in esteemed publications such as The Scotsman, The Herald, and Louder Than War, their music has also garnered airplay on BBC 6Music, BBC Radio 1, KEXP, and other platforms.

To celebrate the album’s launch, Wojtek the Bear will headline a special event on April 13 at the Glasgow University Debating Chamber, joined by BMX Bandits and special guest Annie Booth.

Shaking Hands with the NME is available via Last Night From Glasgow:

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