Beautiful moving solo piano album from American musician, Phillip Norman Watson.

Last year I was introduced to an album of solo piano compositions called Mists.  The soothing and calming album by Phillip Norman Watson was one of those albums that, for whatever reason, comes along at exactly the right moment and you remember exactly where you heard it and what you were doing.  I was cycling home through deserted streets during the first lockdown and I reached for that album to rid my mind of the stresses of work and shut out the news.  It was the perfect tonic and one I reached for many times as the year rolled on.

I’m delighted to see that the elusive Phillip Norman Watson has released a new collection of songs called Joan via the wonderful Team Love records. It’s another collection of reflective songs that surpasses the beauty of Mists but also serves as a natural sequel, if that’s indeed what it is.

Little is known of Phillip Norman Watson, other than what Team Love have posted: “Phillip Norman Watson is a lifelong student of the piano and an avid hiker who currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.”  And to be honest that’s all we really need to know as the music needs no distraction.

Joan by Phillip Norman Watson is out now on Bandcamp via Team Love.