Acclaimed Scottish artist, Siiga debuts new video for atmospheric single, ‘Sleep Fast’.

Delighted to see Scottish artist Siiga return with new music and a forthcoming album, Gemini Rising.  Siiga is the project of acclaimed singer-songwriter Richard Macintyre who lives and work on the beautiful Isle of Skye on the West Coast of Scotland.

Like previous singles, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Gemini Rising’, the cinematic ‘Sleep Fast’ is a celestial melody that conjures up images of the haunting landscapes and enchanting seas of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

‘Sleep Fast’ is also accompanied by a short film made with Macintyre’s friends on Skye.

On his Facebook page he describes the video as, “a visual love letter to an island on which I feel very lucky to have been born and raised upon.

These islands we are from are changing all the time, culture and community evolve and as with the passing of time, generations fade, old stories gather dust and the culture develops and turns into a place for new growth and change.”  Read the full post here.

You can also find ‘Sleep Fast’ as a recent addition to our 4am Spotify playlist – chilled out songs for the last one awake.

Gemini Rising will be released this autumn on mod y vi Records.

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